Justice Grace Vineyards

Taste the Life Within...

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Daring Rhone blends (Petite Sirah centered) & distinct varietal whites
w very few ingredients, in very small volumes:

  • a reverence for the Life Within: a focus on ("Natural Wines")
  • a passionate respect for our Craft and its long history
  • since 2003: a very public tribute to those in society who suffer injustice, and service as an agent of positive change

Solidarity wines, featuring the "We Are:" front label, will raise awareness and resources for oppressed or exploited causes.

Instead of quietly condoning their demonization, we celebrate our diversity, and our shared humanity. By enjoying these wines, you help support people in need, and organizations fighting for compassion, peace and justice -- for All of us..

New Wines & Causes TBA Spring '18

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Bring your Gratefulness practice to your dinner table. The perfect conversation starter...



We are deeply committed to, and passionate about, creating positive change.  We know we are very small, and wish we could do so much more. Since our founding in 2003, we have been publicly dedicated to being a resource for, and bridging the activist community with wine consumers, beginning with the Living Wage movement. Our "biggest" ideas are yet to come... stay tuned.

A favorite Zen expression: a bucket is filled by a thousand drops of water.


We are proud to feature a choice of 3 front labels for each bottle of Shoe Shine Wine (Note: except our 10 Year Anniversary special design). Celebrate with us.

LGBTQ Wine Labels from Justice Grace Vineyards


Fabric Capsule from Justice Grace Vineyards

The materials most used industry wide for the wine "capsule" are aluminum, tin, and PVC plastic. Tin and aluminum use resources often mined in conditions of modern day slavery (see The Guardian, Bloomberg Businessweek), while PVC is being banned around the world. More than ten years ago we created our own unique solution: fabric - hand cut and applied over each cork on every bottle of Shoe Shine Wine since the 2003 vintage.

Justice Grace Vineyards in SFMOMA 2011 show

Because of our beautiful series of labels and fabric capsule, Shoe Shine Wine was included in SFMOMA’s 2011 curated exhibit, “How Wine became Modern.” We are proud and grateful for this tremendous recognition.

Press: France - Amerique, September 2014



In 2012, SF Weekly nominated us among 10 Best up and coming Bay Area artists, in its "Masterminds" art competition.

We tend to look at things with a very different perspective, and know this is evident in the Life you can taste and feel in each wine we craft.