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 Shoe Shine Wine, since 2003

Shoe Shine Wine, since 2003

 The Back Label of Shoe Shine Wine and some Solidarity Wines

The Back Label of Shoe Shine Wine and some Solidarity Wines

People want a living wage... I think you could talk to people around the country about a living wage and you’ll get agreement on it everywhere.
— Barbara Lee, US Representative, 13th District, in SF Magazine 3'17

Living Wage Movement

More than a decade ago, Shoe Shine Wine, and now Solidarity Wine,  have proudly been dedicated to supporting the Living Wage movement.

Despite our nation's resources, 45 - 60 million people(1) now live in poverty/ low-income working families in the U.S.
That's nearly 1 in 5.

Tens of Millions of our neighbors are working full time in arduous jobs, doing the work that Americans require and are asking a human being to do. For that life, the workers live in poverty and suffer indignities from society.

The living wage movement has been leading the way in restoring work-with-dignity. Grassroots campaigns have won living wage ordinances in more than 130 cities and have helped lead the discussion in winning recent city & state increases (voter initiatives) in minimum wage rates across the country, and supporting the Fight for $15 campaigns nationwide.

While increases in the minimum wage are positive, we believe that the decades' old "poverty wage" rates used by the government to shape public policy are way too low and utterly outdated, and a "Living Wage" is the only true wage to lift families out of poverty. The evidence is clear: workers earning even the proposed $10 wage rates often depend on public assistance to make ends meet, while their employers transparently cheat our country out of $ Billions in taxes while earning record profits, often in the $ Billions for big box retailers.

Big Box Corporations have "outsourced" real wages to the middle-class-- whether you are their customers, or not.

See University of California at Berkeley Labor Center's The High Public Cost of Low Wages, which estimates over $150 Billion in subsidies each year needed by working families, which we think, the immensely profitable companies should be paying directly as wages.

We do not accept an economic or political system which perpetuates a false notion of scarcity, encourages a race to the bottom and poverty wages, and a massive transparent wealth transfer from the poorest to the super rich. We are committed to changing the values and false mythologies which enable this injustice.

We hope you will Join Us and all Living Wage allies, and Yes, enjoy some beautiful wine along the way... Let's celebrate the passion and commitment of those fighting to restore dignity to working America.

For more information on the Living Wage movement, and other vital Social and Economic Justice efforts in the Bay Area, please explore, show support through social media,  and join us in supporting:

SF Living Wage Coalition
Jobs with Justice SF
EBASE: East Bay Alliance for Sustainable Economies
Jobs with Justice North Bay

When workers risk everything and take a stand to protect themselves, Please support their efforts. 
Making an effort to support makes all the difference in the world. Cheers and Best to All, E

(1) US Census Bureau