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Solidarity Label Artist, Ronnie Goodman


Art/ Concept offering


This special offering contains No wine
(Seriously !)

Bring your Gratefulness practice to your dinner table: the perfect conversation starter

$10 per Bottle - All to Help those in need

What is it? This wine shaped bottle (with a cork seal and Solidarity label, “We Are: Homeless”) which may appear “empty” at first glance, is not filled with wine, but is overflowing with heart and gratitude. It is intended to be interactive but Not instructive, with each participant bringing their own experience to it, and the “Ingredient” label on the back of the bottle providing thought provoking reasons for Homelessness in America.

Bring it to a dinner party and explain. Or perhaps not describe to anyone, but allow for others to wonder & explore on their own.

Or perhaps drop it off at a table at a party and don’t say a word…

You are Kind. You are Compassionate. You are Thoughtful.

And We Are: Grateful for your support in fighting Homelessness, and for being mindful of others ...

Living w concern about Hunger/ Homelessness at 15 Yr high % in US, even up to $75 K in income

Gallup, after their recent poll, remarked "Concern about Hunger and Homelessness at a High among US adults." 

"Overall, 47% of Americans now worry about hunger and homelessness 'a great deal' " they reported.

This is a reality for nearly half of all American adults.   
It is inconceivable in the richest country on Earth. Or should be...

While the Stock Market continues to reach all-time highs, the wealth transfer from the low/ middle class to super-rich continues transparently.  A new Billionaire class swells and governs publicly vs. behind the scenes as they have done in the past, pushing "austerity" measures, tax cuts for the rich, and a reduction in social services.

See Washington Post, 4/ '18: "Homeless Deaths Surge"

Please thank your retailer for their support of the unorthodox, and Please share your thoughts on the "wine".
(If this is my highest rated wine per reviews on taste, I'll be pissed... ;) )

Organizations Supported:

SF: Coalition on Homelessness

Berkeley: Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency

Shhhh Note:

I would suggest keeping this bottle around. You never know when you'll be invited to the Winery to fill with wine, directly from Barrel (age 21 and over only). You can subscribe for announcements, below.

Cheers and Best to All, E & S