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We Are: The Resistance

WE: THE RESISTANCE have no doubt what Is possible.

We will fight to be a nation that achieves peace, equality, justice, dignity and happiness for all who live here, from our love, compassion, abundance and concern for future generations. We reject the politics of fear, vitriol, instant gratification and gluttony seeping from our current economic and political systems.

The failings of the ideology of the ruling class, now literally has a face, for billions of people around the world, and it is Trump. This provides an icon and impetus for true Solidarity across our artificial divides, the likes of which we have never seen.

Real change, that truly moves the nation to a new path, is now within our reach -- at the height of this ideology's power. If, we are open and willing to publicly support new ways of seeing and thinking (no matter where they come from), unite by breaking down all artificial divides, and collectively persist despite great resources marshaled against our ideals.

What we have been conditioned to believe, via politics of fear and artificial scarcity, has limited our possibilities and restrained our aspirations, but WE, THE RESISTANCE will reclaim and return to our free spirit and boundless compassion from the abundance that surrounds us.

Outside the Boxes and Labels that Repress:

It is too easy to see the rise of a Trump presidency, and a decided turn towards fascism, as a shock. If we put aside the party allegiances that blind us, step outside the acrimony, and truly see the past few decades (with nonpartisan, new eyes), the picture was already clear.

The ideology of the ruling class has failed “We, the people.” People and planet are in crisis. Therefore, this ideology must be replaced -- not tweaked. It has been far too long (we have enough data points) and we have no more time for “representatives” who repeatedly ignore the will of an identified majority of the people. Such as on:

Universal Healthcare, raising the Minimum Wage, an end to War, moving off Fossil Fuels, International Climate Change agreements, Immigration reform, No Border Wall, Financial industry reform, Corporate Tax reform, strengthening Social Security, White Collar crime, to name a few.

Our economic and political systems are a double helix DNA coding for corruption.

As the greatest wealth disparity in history ballooned, the sale of our democracy was finalized. The billionaire class has now brazenly taken their seat throughout the executive branch. We all know, most often our "representatives" answer primarily to their super-wealthy donors. Their co-dependency only grows each year because it works so well – for them. These strands, so entangled, don't end. They only code for beasts as unhealthy as the cheap “food” manufactured for the poor in corporate labs today.

Like irrational political constructs that dominate the news and repress the reality of We, The People:

  • man-made resources are scarce or un-affordable (public education, healthcare, housing, healthy food, for all) while budgets for war are bottomless (for 15 years and counting)
  • natural resources are limitless, green energy too "costly", climate change a "hoax"
  • myths that have long been disproved but never die (the "absence" of institutionalized racism, minimum wage effects on employment, and the need for trickle down economics/ corporate welfare, to name just a few).

We have been conditioned to believe there is no better alternative than the economic/ political systems we have: our education system and media keep the public discourse squarely in the box drawn by the very people benefiting the most. We have been conditioned to fear labels (“liberal”, “socialist”, or “right-wing”) applied in order to provide cover for irrational constraints on our thinking, possibilities and unity.

These systems have long achieved the miraculous: people disbelieve their own eyes and minds, close their own hearts, and too often blindly accept the myths and alternative realities that recirculate every election cycle.

As a result, our people and planet are in crisis. Consider:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

This has been a multi-decade descent which can now be transformed – especially at the very moment of this ideology's height of naked power.

Q: as great wisdom teachers of the ages have asked, has “Turmoil been transformed into Truth?”

The key:
Q: are We, the Resistance now willing to be open to new ideas, no matter where they are labeled to be arising from?

What exactly are We: The Resistance fighting for?

We, the Resistance will fight to create a society that is based on our core values of: love, compassion, equality, justice, dignity, inclusivity, abundance, reverence for life and planet, and to establish a true representative democracy.

We know we live in a world full of abundance, and there is plenty for everyone to lead a life of dignity, free of want of the basic necessities of life.

We know that racism, misogyny, bigotry, and inequality, in all forms, must end, and we can do much more to end Institutional violence which continues to cause so much harm.

We know our democracy has been sold to those whose gluttonous appetite for more shows no end.

We know that we can end the politics of fear only by standing together, united across race, class, gender, and personal hot button issues. By supporting each other, we support each all. Together, We Rise as One.

We know our current economic system has brought the greatest inequity in history among its people, has brought the Earth itself to crisis, has impoverished hundreds of millions of people across the globe, and has led poor families into endless War.

We know that our nation was built by, fed by, cared for, and nurtured by Immigrants, and our diversity is our greatest strength.

We know life has lost meaning for far too many who have seen their work devalued, their safety net destroyed, creative expression dismissed, and connection to Nature severed.

We know our children deserve better than the ethos of instant gratification, and politicians who refuse to act conscientiously and break the chains of their corporate patrons.

New Ways of Seeing. Believing.

No Boxes. No Labels. No Constraints.

We: The Resistance are simply We: The People... and now We will be heard...

Hasta la Victoria Siempre
(Until Victory Always)
— Che

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