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What We Can Do


What You Can Do:

1) Ethical consumption: Educate > Share > Unite > Voice (Silence = Acceptance)

  • Buy Local and

  • Demand Supply Chain Transparency (hold companies accountable under CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act

  • If you are fortunate enough to be able: Please avoid supporting race-to-bottom economic prices...

2) Demand Governments enforce laws, devote the resources the fight against slavery deserves, and hold people & corporations accountable

3) Empower allies & organizations fighting: takes such little time to Support in many ways

by DH Souter, 1918

by DH Souter, 1918


Educate > Share > Support > Voice


Report Human Trafficking activity thru The Stop App (from Stop the Traffik)


Supply Chain Transparency

Did you know large retailers and manufacturers (> $100 MM) in CA are legally required to provide disclosure on their efforts to eradicate slavery in their supply chains? See the 2012 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657). CA is one of the Top economies of the world, and Consumers/ Partners can truly help create change by demanding accountability.

If you want to report inadequate disclosure: Email SB657@doj.ca.gov and Voice any corporate concerns about efforts -- often and share publicly


Know the Chain corporate/ investor resource

Interactive Map for Business Anti-Trafficking Organizations

SupplyShift Sourcing Tool

Responsible Sourcing Tool