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Resistance fighting for

We Are: The Resistance, fighting for:

We, the Resistance will fight to create a society that is based on our core values of: love, compassion, equality, justice, dignity, inclusivity, abundance, reverence for life and planet, and to establish a true representative democracy.

We know we live in a world full of abundance, and there is plenty for everyone to lead a life of dignity, free of want of the basic necessities of life.

We know that racism, misogyny, bigotry, and inequality, in all forms, must end, and we can do much more to end Institutional violence which continues to cause so much harm.

We know our democracy has been sold to those whose gluttonous appetite for more shows no end.

We know that we can end the politics of fear only by standing together, united across race, class, gender, and personal hot button issues. By supporting each other, we support each all. Together, We Rise as One.

We know our current economic system has brought the greatest inequity in history among its people, has brought the Earth itself to crisis, has impoverished 1 Billion people across the globe, and has led poor families into endless War.

We know that our nation was built by, fed by, cared for, and nurtured by Immigrants, and our diversity is our greatest strength.

We know life has lost meaning for far too many who have seen their work devalued, their safety net destroyed, creative expression dismissed, and connection to Nature severed.

We know our children deserve better than the ethos of instant gratification, and politicians who refuse to act conscientiously on behalf of a future beyond their political careers.