Justice Grace Vineyards
Taste the Life Within...
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Natural Wines at Justice Grace Vineyards.

Natural Wine at Justice Grace Vineyards

Taste the Life Within...

Our deep reverence for the Life that actually creates the wine, within the vineyard, winery & barrel, defines our natural winemaking. Our fundamental question is how best to allow the truest, natural expression of the grapes & life within, each distinct growing year.

Co-Winemakers, © UC Davis

Co-Winemakers, © UC Davis

Distinction, not uniformity.
Complexity, not expediency or clarity.
Harmony, not dominion.



The Art of Simplicity

We use our hands, skills, and intuition to strive towards our ideals, always guided by the Life Within.

Wine Ingredient Labeling

Wine ingredient labeling

Since 2006 vintage (above image), our back labels have either transparently listed ingredients (not just "additions") or include QRC Codes with quick links to Ingredients.


If any additions to the grapes, they are limited to:

Water: (Reds only) long periods of barrel aging, and water evaporation from barrel, takes it too far away from the expression of the grapes at harvest. We would prefer to eliminate this effect if too pronounced

Sulphur Dioxide: Minimal, occasional no sulphur added (our first zero sulphur wine was made 2008)

"Removals": Our wines are heavy in lees. Vast majority of wines not racked. But if they are, yes, there are some elements lost in sediment left behind. Never fined/ filtered.

Note: previous transparency included rare use of organic yeast nutrients. Have not used for any lot in several years.


Natural Wines:

Our intent is making wine w the character of:

  • Old and New World wines together

  • Tension between Sweet & Savory notes

  • Crafted for Food, and ageworthy

  • Honoring the Life within...

We create wines of distinction > not wines-by-numbers ...

Natural Wine
There are other things the first California wine makers never dreamed of... filtering machines, which gently remove from the wines the sediments which were once thought essential in the bottom of any good bottle
— M.F.K Fisher, Wine in California, 1962