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Label Series of Compassion from Justice Grace Vineyards. A unique resource to help support organizations fighting for Social and Environmental Justice.


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We will fight to be a nation that achieves peace, equality, justice, dignity and happiness for all, fueled by our love, compassion, abundance and concern for future generations. We reject the politics of fear, vitriol, instant gratification and gluttony from our current economic and political systems.

What we have been conditioned to believe, via politics of fear and artificial scarcity, has limited our possibilities and restrained our aspirations. WE, THE RESISTANCE can reclaim and return to our free spirit and boundless compassion from the abundance that we know surrounds us, and is manifested by us. A new path is needed, not tweaks to a system that puts people and planet in crisis.

Outside the Boxes and Labels that oppress:

It is too easy to see the rise of a Trump presidency as a shock. If we put aside the party allegiances that blind us, step outside the acrimony, and truly see the past few decades (with nonpartisan, new eyes), the picture was already clear.

People and planet are in crisis.   Over the past few decades, the ideology of the ruling class has failed “We, the people.” Therefore, this ideology must be replaced -- not tweaked. "Representatives” have repeatedly ignored the will of an identified majority of the people. Such as on:

Universal Healthcare, raising the Minimum Wage, an end to War, moving off Fossil Fuels, International Climate Change agreements, Immigration reform, Background checks on gun purchases, Financial industry reform, Corporate Tax reform, strengthening Social Security, White Collar crime, to name a few.

Our economic and political systems are a double helix DNA coding for corruption.

As the greatest wealth disparity in history ballooned, the attempted sale of our democracy was finalized.   The co-dependency between representatives and large donors, so entangled, doesn't end. It only codes for corruption— of the institutes of democracy and democracy itself.

We have been conditioned to believe there is no better alternative than the economic/ political systems we have: our education system and media keep the public discourse squarely in the box drawn by the very people benefiting the most. We have been conditioned to fear labels on All sides (“liberal”, “socialist”, or “right-wing”) applied in order to provide cover for irrational constraints on our thinking, possibilities and unity.

These systems have long achieved the miraculous: people disbelieve their own eyes and minds, close their own hearts, and too often blindly accept the myths and alternative realities that recirculate every election cycle.

DEC '17: Must see new report on State of the Union by
United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Q: As great wisdom teachers of the ages have asked, has “Turmoil been transformed into Truth?”
Q: Are We, the Resistance now willing to be open to new ideas, no matter where they are labeled to be arising from?

We: The Resistance fights for

Organizations Supported:

Democracy Now, and KPFA Community Powered Radio

Knowledge precedes action. To be informed and educated on ideals and realities here and abroad, is empowering as well as an act of caring and empathy. To hear a chorus of voices, not just the few that have put boxes around the aspirations of We The People. Make these part of your daily ritual...

Black Lives Matter

An essential voice and community, reminding all of us that Institutionalized racism and violence is still ever present. Their courage, and the power of their vision, has energized the first awakening among many who had long been silent; now please join them as they build the Movement to create tangible change...

Bay Resistance

Dedicated grassroots coalition forming the core of Resistance in the Bay Area. Join their Social Media efforts for real-time event alerts...