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Solidarity Wines

Solidarity Wines by Justice Grace Vineyards. Unique "We Are:" Label Series of Compassion.

The most important word in the language of the working class is solidarity.
— Harry Bridges, ILWU Leader, 1970

Solidarity: Together We Rise as One

The word itself obliterates the fictional divide of "Us" vs. "Them" that has caused so much harm within communities.  It has long connected nearly all of the people of the world in our shared struggle for a better life, justice & peace.

When our eyes and hearts are open, we know we live in a world full of abundance, not of artificial scarcity. We all want the same fundamental things, and there is plenty for all of the world's people to enjoy a life of dignity, free from want of the basic necessities of life.

Solidarity Wines


Solidarity Wines embodies our shared humanity, and common aspirations.  We reject the relentless politics of fear used to oppress.  Instead, We invite you to celebrate the beauty and diversity of who WE ARE. Some proceeds from sales will benefit organizations fighting on behalf of each cause.
See our Label Series of Compassion to learn more.


All wines (excl Homeless) in our Label Series of Compassion are Red Rhone blends made only by us, in very small volumes, sourcing from small family vineyards.

Out-of-the-Box: Winemaker blends > Non-AVA and non-vintage on label allows us maximum flexibility in crafting the most delicious expressions possible.


2 Minute Activist


Recent news tracker about issues underlying our Label Series of Compassion:

We Are: EarthHabitat loss threatens all our futures, world leaders warned” Guardian UK, 11/’18

“Amid the worst loss of life on Earth since the demise of the dinosaurs”…”Since 1970 humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, according to the latest Living Planet report by WWF, which warned that the loss of wildlife was now an emergency that is threatening our civilisation.”

We Are: AbolitionistsHow Trump’s Labor Secretary Cut a Deal for Multimillionaire & Serial Sexual Abuser Jeffrey Epstein” Democracy Now, 1/’19

“ an explosive Miami Herald investigation revealed that Acosta cut what’s been described as ‘one of the most lenient deals for a serial child sex offender in history’. ”

Shoe Shine Wine/ Living Wage Movement Analysis | Here’s how much the federal minimum wage fell this year, ” Washington Post, 12/’18

“we’ll officially be in the longest stretch of time without a minimum-wage increase since the policy was first established in 1938.”

Original Label Art by Ronnie Goodman

Solidarity Wines front label artwork was done by a very special human being, Ronnie Goodman. For more about Ronnie, you can read about him in SF Chronicle (see Blog), his website, or Video below.