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Label Series of Compassion

Solidarity Wines Label Series of Compassion

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True meaning of Solidarity Wine

Given recent controversy over Oregon wine industry’s use of my trademarked Solidarity brand, I want to share its deep significance to us.
Only a single word embodied my aspirations for this social enterprise: “Solidarity.” It is a truly noble word, which unites and empowers, and has endured across many cultures and history because it represents the very best of human capacities.

While it is always urgent to speak out on behalf of those suffering injustice,

the nobility of “Solidarity” arises from the compassion, empathy and heartfelt connection expressed while speaking out, and walking hand-in-hand, with those who do Not look like you.

It is precisely because “Immigrant, Transgender, Palestinian, Homeless”, etc are Not labels that I would use to symbolize my external identity, that I chose to support these efforts to restore dignity in our community. Our diversity is beautiful, and our fundamental strength.
We Are: One.