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Natural Wine and Social Justice at Justice Grace Vineyards

Tastings Available by Appointment

Our wines are pure and distinct.  Made w a reverence for the Life Within the vineyard, winery and barrel.

Some -- in a unique "Nouveau style," are alive with the verve from fermentation. A few of these are "off-list" and available only thru private tastings...

We live in SF, but make the wine in Sonoma. We would love to share our vision and craft. Please join us for a Tasting, in SF or Sonoma (Carneros AVA), of our unique and micro volume wines, and learn more about the unique way we approach all that we do-- from winemaking to business.

Licensing/ Permits require us to arrange tastings by Appointment Only. THX for your understanding.


For Tasting requests: Please shoot us an email (see below)

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