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About Justice Grace Vineyards. E. Cohen. Natural Wines. Social Justice.

We Are driven by 2 Equals:  Natural Winemaking & Social Justice


No business operates in isolation, without a debt to society.

No winery operates without a debt to the land and Earth.

We are a father and young son, grateful and intent on doing more than our fair share to repay the gifts bestowed upon us during this labor of love

Natural Wine and Social Justice at Justice Grace Vineyards

We Are:


The rumors are true—I was named after my dad’s Che Guevara pez dispenser. I’m 12 years old now and I have 11 vintages under my belt. Literally. Fermenting grape skins stick like glue. Who knew?


If it were up to Eric, there would be no bio, but, as his close friend, I wrangled my way in and here’s what I have to say about him:

"There are a few things you should know about Eric: He’s deeply ethical, an idealist, and leads from his heart. Eric is as likely to carry on about his devotion to natural winemaking and Petite Sirah, as he is about all the social inequities that burden him. He doesn’t give a damn about wine snobbery, instead naming his brand in honor of those all-too-often ignored members of society who quietly make the rest of us look good. In his utopia, capitalism is replaced by consensus-driven citizen democracy.

Eric is embarrassed to admit he ever worked in the financial industry in NYC, but it was the greed and corruption he witnessed there which solidified his political and moral stance. It propelled him into winemaking as a passionate exploration of beauty and mystery, social justice, and community engagement. In Eric’s ideal world, instead of buying his wine, you’d exchange it for goods and services made or produced with love.

When you join Eric’s world, you’ll be pushed to think about far more than wine. And grateful for his endless hours of hard work and dedication. Eric is a true testament to the power of vision and commitment and following a dream, whether working in the winery or parenting his beautiful son.”

--Michael Straus, Founder Straus Communication

Father Son Winemaking at Justice Grace Vineyards
© Galen Babb, 2016

© Galen Babb, 2016


The abstraction is often the most definite form for the intangible thing in myself...
— Georgia O'Keeffe

In 2012, SF Weekly named us among 10 Best up and coming Bay Area artists, in its "Masterminds" art competition.

We tend to look at things with a very different perspective, and know this is evident in the Life you can taste and feel in each wine we craft.


For inquiries, or interest in our abstract winemaking photography, please feel free to Contact us...